Saturday, September 02, 2006


The woman whom I work with in my new job and I’m goin’ take over her job is an Indian lady but unorganized. Her desk is a mess. You can find everything in it: from parts, pen caps and tea paper cups to invoices, item orders and catalogues! The woman is pregnant and is waiting for her twin boys and I wonder if she’s like this at home. She could be ‘cause Indians are not really clean and tidy people. Besides the way you work and behave in your workplace pretty much reflects your character and attributes. So either this is a stupid, dirty and lazy woman or that’s just because her belly is so big and makes her almost incapable of doin’ what a normal person does, that bothers me. The software that is being used is an old one, prob. from the 80s and many of the functions are ineffective or left untouched. The stupid big woman doesn’t even want to contact the company to have the software fixed and updated. So I told me that I change the whole system in a way that you wouldn’t recognize anything after you’re back, you moron! You’ll have big problems getting back on track!
But may be these all hit me because I’m a perfectionist. That makes life sometimes really hard for me. Intolerable! You want to see everything in its place, complete and flawless which is impossible. I got this problem with almost everything. That’s applied to every aspect of life indeed including relationship. I always say this girl is this, that girl lacks this, the other girl did that and so on. So I prob. end up having the worst woman on earth in my life or be single forever if I don’t fix this damn problem soon!


mimi said...

First: Do not talk about women like this, this is so shameful
Second: I thought you said you just hated pakistanies and arabs, it seems you have expanded your list to indians too.
Third: A pergnant woman is a "normal" person, watch your mouth when you talk like this
Fouth: You are not neither picky nor perfectionist, you are simply a desprate loner, who does not know how to talk to people... Just change your name to "desprate guy" instead of tough guy then you match your weblog name

However, I am glad that you sat and gave these problem and now you understand that you need to fix this damn problem. This is a good start :)

The Tough Guy said...

Do you need an Advil or Tylenol? That might work for you! Use the high-dose ones!