Thursday, September 14, 2006


I was goin’ to join NDP a few days ago, right after I read what Jack Layton has recently said about Canadian Forces mission in fucking Afghanistan. “This is the wrong mission for Canada” Layton said. I truly believe in that. If you look at the history of Canadian Forces involvement in the world’s conflicts, you’ll see that they were there only when there was a peacekeeping mission was in process. They’ve never faced enemy directly especially Barbarians like fucking Taliban and Al-Qaeda who are being supported by fucking Pakistanis and Arabs. When I see the funerals where parents of young Canadian men and women are hugging each other and weeping, I feel really bad. But what surprises me is why none of these people oppose? They, I think don’t know who really fucking Afghans are. They sacrifice their young human sources for people who deserve nothing but death with torture. Those animals started a war in 1979 and are still fucking fighting against each other. Why the fuck do you fucking care? Let them all fucking kill each other. What would really happen to the world if Afghanistan is not there? Is there any scientist, physician, artist, athlete or in one world a human who his or her existence make any difference to the world, in that shithole? Would be the world deprived of anything? What does those animal, nasty, stinky, pieces of crap export to the rest of the world but illness, violence and stupidity? What the US did to Japan should be done to Afghanistan. A few atomic bombs will really heal that part of the world. But the truth is the US and the stupid Canadians are not there to protect fucking Afghans from Taliban and Al-Qaeda or protect Canada from terrorism, as Harper said once. They are there for other purposes as they are in Iraq. They don’t fucking care what’s happening to bunch of filthy, bare-foot people who live in a devastated country by themselves. What they care about is beyond this post and same as the reason behind the collapse of World Trade Centre towers and other similar incidents as well.
Anyhow I'm goin' to study the party and may be join them in near future. One of the other concerns of them is gun registry which I'll write about that later.

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