Sunday, September 24, 2006

Racism (2)

Ali G. called and showed up just the night before I flew to B. C. and we went to The Cheesecake Cafe. Actually he had asked me before how it was and I have told him that's a nice but expensive place to eat. Surprisingly the restaurant was very busy and most of the tables were occupied so we waited for a few min. to be sited. Ali G. ordered a kind of sandwich and I had a cup of coffee. Then he ordered one slice of lime cheesecake as we went actually there to taste their cheese cake! I've had Safeway's cheese cake several times, even the frozen ones you get from Superstore has been tried by me, but the lime cheesecake we had was totally different. That little slice cost more than $7!
Then we went to the Future Shop nearby to check their sale on laptops. I was introduced by a friend to a Toshiba laptop which was on sale for $799. I went to customer service to apply for a Future Shop credit card so I can pay monthly. There was a gorgeous blond Canadian girl with deep blue eyes who didn't seem friendly at the beginning. I told her what I wanted and she said that in order for being eligible for a card I had to be living in Canada for more than a year!
That was really stupid. So I gave her a good answer. I said: " What are you talking about? I was born here! " She was kind of shocked but she asked: " Have you lived here in past two year? " or some crap like that. I said: Listen, if you really have a problem with my colour or background, I'll simply walk off here. She said: No! I once dated an Iraqi guy! You see? That's what many people think of me here! I told her: I used to kill Iraqis with my own rifle because they invaded my country! I tried not to use coarse language while being as hard as I could. I just give you a summarized version of what happened between us but what I'm saying is you may face rednecks like that one every day here while meeting nice people too. I got the card finally but didn't buy the laptop!

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