Friday, September 01, 2006

Dinosaur Juice

I read something really catchy in the last issue of Opulence when I was on a bike in Talisman the other day. I started going to gym every other day instead of only weekends which has never been more than 2 days. I’m trying to adjust my weigh, gain more muscle and get to that record of 2.4 Km in less than 11 min. I’m pretty close to that.
But what I found interesting in that magazine was a short article about hybrid automobiles, esp. Prius and how it not only helps you to save lots of money but also helps the environment. The article says North Americans finally listen to what has been concern of the guys across Pacific Ocean. But is the emission really harmful to our planet or is that a trick by them to sell more cars to us?! Al Gore says yes. Our planet is in danger and warns us of global warning as a result of greenhouse gases and we know that the said gases are partially generated by vehicles. But recent studies show that ozone layer is being recovered but of course takes years to be healed completely.
Anyway the article says that Prius got an electric motor and a gas engine, which is known everyone who’s a little in to cars. But the way these two mechanism work together is amazing. When you’re driving it in the city that’s the electrical motor providing energy for your vehicle and the engine is shut down. Then if you need to run faster, for example in a highway, this time it’s the engine that gives you the power. And not only has that but also charges your batteries! That’s how you save money on your monthly dinosaur juice bill. As a matter of fact gas price has been sharply reduced to almost ¢95 per liter which is phenomenal compare to what I used to pay in last 3 months.

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