Friday, September 08, 2006


Have you ever felt poverty? I mean being really poor. It has happened to me three times so far. And the last time is surprisingly today! The first time was when I was just graduated from the university and was looking for a job. I was completely broke! Thanks to my parents! At least I had somewhere to spend the night in! Luckily I found a job in about 2 months. That was a relief.
The second one was totally different and that was in summer of 2003, I guess. I had a nasal surgery and was on sick leave. In a case like that you would only get paid 60% of your wage (I think it has been increased to 90% recently but not quite sure) and the wage would come to you a little late for a reason that I don’t remember, may be as a result of paperwork. I remember I had almost nothing to eat a day. I went to a kitchen cabinets and found some spaghetti. That one was my roommate’s. I was not kind of a person who live his life based on credit cards on those days, unlike now! So I just boiled them and had them with probably just salt! I can’t recall completely as years has passed. But the money was deposited by the company then and I bought food and paid my share of rent.
Today’s is a completely different version. May be a new generation! I have been working for this company for two weeks now and I was expecting my pay stub today as we are paid bi-weekly. But I received nothing. I went to the sweet Chinese girl, the payroll lady and she told me that they’ve prob. lost my job offer paper and I’d be paid next Fri.! God damn! I’ve put so much on my credit cards. I even booked a ticket to B. C. for next week and I have three bills to pay this week: Shaw, my Esso Visa and Amex. So what I did is I paid my Esso Visa which was more than $90 and left Internet bill and Amex for the next Fri. while I get paid. Shaw’s bill would be past due but what can I do? After that I drove to a Safeway and put another $40 on my Visa. The fridge was almost empty! I got paid by the previous job last Fri. and that was more than $600 but I paid another credit. I transferred $500 and prob. and $140 was left. I paid my Esso VISA as I said and spend more than $40! So I’ll be fine for the week but have to remind them not to postpone my pay next Fri. again esp. I’m goin’ on a trip and will have to pay more bills.

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