Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Diverse Aftershock

I’m back to Calgary after spending my weekend with my relatives in beautiful British Colombia. I had such a good time and they were all very nice to me. They took me to different places and that was so much fun. I’ll write about them later.
But today I was so depressed. When you spend a few days with the people who like you and you like them, you eat together, you laugh together and you have good time, it’s very hard to go back to your small apartment, lonely.
But a few things were actually kind of very shocking to me. First of all the way my cousin and her family lives was surprising to me. They live in a very big and beautiful house which I have no idea how much it worth but I guarantee it's not less than $800,000, and that's the minimum. It has 4 bedrooms, a den and a big living room, dining room, entertainment room, this room, that room and all the rooms which a luxury, modern house might has. The appliances, furniture and ornamental things I saw over there were not just ordinary ones you might see in every house. My two distant cousins told me that they had traveled to Paris a few months ago and God the younger one, Sammi she's so pretty and sweet now. You see pretty girls from everywhere here but she's really something: Tall, slim, long brunette shiny hair, incredibly beautiful eyes, smooth skin and in a word everything you need in a girl. The father, my cousin's husband, spoil them all and specially the boy. He also bought a brand new luxury Nissan for the other girl, Sunny and they have the things that might be people's dream.
Anyway that's how they live but that's not the point. The point is they are together as a family and even though they might have argument off and on, what makes the life and the hard moments bearable for them is being together as a family not having money and luxury life and not living alone like jerks! I know the more often I see my friends and relatives the happier I am but the more I suffer after that! And I don't know what the hell is wrong with me. I forgot my leather jacket, my mobile charger and the souvenirs I bought there!

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