Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Domestic Massacre

All the media across Canada have been covering the 5th anniversary of 9/11 massacre for more than a week and yesterday they reached the climax. The day the world has changed by the real US government.
The good thing is CBC directly mentioned the doubts about who’s really behind that mass murder and referred to the short documentary I mentioned earlier in a post, Loose Change. But the papers I looked at and other TV channels I access to said nothing about the truth. They all want to keep the people fool. I strongly believe that the ones who run the puppets of the US government, the same people who killed John F. Kennedy and the people who really govern that nation, wrote and directed that scenario. They killed innocent people from 151 different nations, including Americans in their own country and blamed Al-Qaeda so they can do whatever they wanna do. This is not the first time that dirty politicians slaughter innocent people for their purposes.
In 1979 Rex movie theatre in city of Abadan, in south west Iran got on fire by Islamic extremists of Motalefe party and tens of innocent people were burned to kill alive. The Iranian government of that time of Pahlavi era was blamed for that murder of course. Obviously the extremists were smart enough to find a perfect time where hatred was goin’ up after what the regime had done so far. No one even thought that Motalefe had done that. Then again the same trick has been used by Americans in Sep.11 of 2001. The American society and the whole world was ready to accept that story and they easily got convinced! And the last but not the most important is I have never supported Islam or any religion, extremism, Al-Qaeda and all that shit. I hate them all with my heart and mind. All I’m saying is the group who really runs the US, fooled their own people and butchered the others for their own purposes.
(Photo: This model shows the Freedom tower which is planned to be built in Grand Zero. After all it's a good business for construction companies. Isn't it?!)

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