Monday, September 11, 2006

Muscle Strain

I kind of overloaded me in the gym with all that jugging, weigh-lifting and power cycling, last week. Then I really felt bad all Fri. and Sat. and decided to see a physician because I thought that’s my heart bothering me. But I also thought: That couldn’t be it because I'm not new to work out and exercise. I've being doin' that for years. But how about aging?
Anyway after hours of lying on the couch I went to 8th and 8th Clinic and there was a very nice Canadian young man, the doctor. He explained to me that two things could have happened:

1- Damage to the heart, which was very unlikely according to the symptoms he found.
2- A muscle strain.

He then ordered one of the nurses to take blood samples from me and he said if there’s something wrong, he’d give me a call at about 08:30 PM. That was almost 18:00 at that time. He already checked the electrocardiograph result and said that he didn't see anything that could be harmful. Then he prescribed a kind of cream to apply to the chest muscle because that’s what he thinks is harmed. I didn’t receive the call from him and I was very relieved and healed Sun. night. I went to a Safeway after gym today (I didn’t worked out too hard!) and the pharmacist girl told me that there’s a $20 fee for that 50 g mixed cream! I didn’t buy it! I thought it’s better to ask if I’m covered or not, first.

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