Tuesday, September 05, 2006


We went to Tequila Sat night. That’s what P. M. wanted. He even paid for me. The admission is $7. And I was actually surprised because he usually avoids spending money in that way. I’m not saying that he’s stingy. He just doesn’t spend money. I think most of the money he earned in summer is saved ‘cause he doesn’t pay rent, has no car and obviously no insurance, gas and maintenance and no other expenses as well.
Anyway I didn’t like the way they treated us at the door. They searched us and the guy was doing that very roughly. But the club is great. It’s basically a club for teenagers. Full of young and sexy girls and of course handsome young guys (I'm not gay!). There were a very load music playing and lights were flashing. It was very exciting. Boys and girls were using buckets and squirt guns and almost everyone got wet. But I was exhausted as I just went there after I had finished in the gym. I stayed for a while, had a beer and as I was tired, I called P. M. and left. He was showing some movements that didn’t seem that he was dancing, esp. because he always makes a very serious face. But chicks usually don’t care. He’s tall and young. Taller and younger than me. And that’s what chicks like. He was busy with a fat one and I didn’t see if he got her or not when I left.
When I was leaving, I said to me: “Let’s disturb these guys!” I mean the bouncers, as I’ve been always a troublemaker! I went to the guy, whom I thought was the one who searched me and told him: “Hey! I really didn’t like the way you searched me!” I was not sure if that was the guy but it really didn’t matter at the time because I knew he wasn’t sure too! I think that was him, tough. He was a handsome guy and well-built but I was not afraid because here as long as you don’t start the fight and know how to talk, you wouldn’t get harmed. The guy seemed he didn’t like it but didn’t argue and turned to the other guy and said: “This guy has a problem!” I was ready for everything and the guy asked what the problem was. I told him that I was going to call the cops and then talk to his manager. He said that he was the manager there but I told him that he was not. I said what I didn’t like. In the meantime the first guy approached us and tried to say something but the second guy sent him back. I was sober but I was in the mood of bugging people. I said that the way the guy searched me was different from the way he searched everyone else! And the guy asked what the difference was!
I finally left while I was still threatening them! The guy told me not to come back again as I wouldn’t be welcomed! I reminded him that the club was not the only one in Calgary and left! I was fine but really wanted to bother those fuckers that night because I had never been treated like that. A few Canadian guys who were around were watching and waiting to see what happens. May be they were waiting for a fight to break out!

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