Sunday, March 09, 2008

Trip Coverage, Story 3: Sweetie

I’m telling the story of that Black woman, who called herself Sweetie (although she wrote it as Sweety when she gave me her number!) in this post, separately.
When I first got in the train car in Hamburg, there were not many people on board: An old Caucasian lady, an old Caucasian man, a young Caucasian man, an Oriental girl and a Black woman. I decided to sit at the table across from the Black woman’s. She didn't even look at me at the beginning just once I smiled at her and greeted, she smiled back only. I made myself busy with the laptop, listening to music, writing and reading Alien III script, also as I said, took photos and made clips. She was on the damn phone all the time, speaking either in English or an African language. But I noticed that when I’m looking around to look for possible shots, she was looking at me.
I didn't do anything. What could have I done?! Then there was the time that we got in to a ferry, crossed the sea and returned to our seats. I changed my seat before everyone gets in because her voice was so annoying. Then as soon as I started my reading she appeared at my seat and asked if I was doing a business. She was a little drunk I understood and simply said that I was reading a screenplay, the Alien III’s. She obviously didn't understand anything. I invited to sit there and she accepted immediately. She was a bit drunk and was drinking from a can of bear. She asked me to take of little metal plates off her dress just above her tits. I used a knife and took them off. That was a turn on. She told me that she owns a shop in Copenhagen and gave me her number. Then I moved to the other side of the table and sat beside her. We started fooling around saying dirty things. I kissed her little ears and she likes it very much. We kissed on the lips. Her kiss was different. She said that the way a woman lips looks like is the way her labia looks too! I never noticed that! I cursed myself for not having condom on me because she was very willing to get fucked. I actually found a pack of flavoured condoms in the suitcase A. J. lent me(!) but gave it to Cyrus before I left him. I was going to take her to the lavatory but not having a protective tool(!) and my usual low sex drive prevented me. I, though, directed her hand to my crutch and she was robbing my dick for me! I was hard but couldn't take her to the lavatory. Then I took my dick out and gave it to her. She liked it. She held it in her hand and stroked it for me. Here I was sitting in the train by a Black woman who was holding my exposed dick in her hands and we were talking. But that was it. I could ask her to make me cum but didn't. I thought, at the moment, that I would fuck her later in Copenhagen but never called her.

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