Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Trip Coverage, Story 4-2: I Am Legend in Copenhagen

I know it's too late to write about a movie which was distributed in North America months ago but I'm posting this because I watched the movie during my European trip, in Copenhagen.
I and Pejix were discussing which movie we should go to. He wanted to watch 3:10 to Yuma and I wanted to watch I Am Legend starring Will Smith. 3:10 to Yuma is a Western. Christian Bale and Russell Crow perform in it but I don’t like the first one. His performance in Batman Begins was horrible or maybe the screenplay was so poor that everything else was affected by it. So I said that I would watch I AM Legend and they could go and watch fucking Christian Bale in his stupid Western!
Anne got the tickets and then we went to an Iranian restaurant in Copenhagen. The place probably was originally an old apartment in the second floor of an old building in Downtown. Sasan, one of Pejix’s friends, whom was met by me the first time in that little birthday party and his family, were there too. They serve Iranian cuisine and the buffet also serves the same sort of food.
We all attacked the buffet. Or better to say I did and Pejix and Anne followed me! Unfortunately I did not have any exercise that day so I didn't eat as much as I wanted! The food was good. Sasan had already ordered rice and barbecued-beef (Chelo Kabab) and one more food for his family of four.
We left the restaurant shortly after we finished our dinner to get to the theater on time. The movie was disappointing! It has a good beginning but after 45 minutes or a bit more I started looking at my wrist watch! It was a one-man show for the most part of the movie. Will Smith is a sole physician in the city of New York, a survivor of a huge virus outbreak in the entire world. He tries to find the virus by testing the different ones he make on the mutants whom are usually hunted by them in different corners of the city. The only companion of him is his dog which gets infected and dies. That makes him so upset that commits suicides. He exposes himself to the mutants. But a woman who has heard his radio message, the message he broadcasts every day, saves him. They find shelter in Smiths house but find out that the house is discovered by the mutants. The physician tries to defend the hide out but the numerous mutants finally find their way in. Smith, the woman and her little girl go to the lab and notice that the last mutant whom is under treatment is being recovered! Smith take a small amount of her blood as vaccine and help the woman and her kid to escape the house while detonates himself and all the mutants shortly after they leave.
The woman finds their way to a surviving colony and presents the vaccine and that’s the end of the story! The only good part of the movie is Smith’s performance but this and the models of devastated New York City don’t help much to make it an attractive movie. The story has been told several times. There’s nothing new nothing exiting. May be we should have seen 3:10 TO Yuma.
(Photo: Will Smith in a scene of I AM Legend with his dog [in the movie of course!])

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