Saturday, March 08, 2008

Trip Coverage, Story 2: How did I get lost in Denmark?

This is the second story of my European trip. I don't think I'm able to post them according to the time of occurrence. After all they are not related, so there wouldn't be a bother!
Pejix showed me the train station and bicycle parking yesterday. Hondgie is the closet station to home, some 15 min. ride or 25 min. walk. I rode the old bike to the station, parked and locked it and took the train to Copenhagen.
When I got back to the station in the evening it was almost 06:30 PM. I unlocked the bike and tried to find my way home but was not so successful. And luckily the bicycle’s chain got off! I fixed it a few times but happened again. Now I had my hands smudged and my laptop briefcase was pulling me down. I tried all the routes that I thought may take me to the house but didn’t find it! One hour passed! Once I tried to make a phone call through a bar but I wasn’t welcomed in there. Then I asked an old guy who was jugging but that lead to nothing. I found the school but that was as far as I could go! Two Danish teenagers showed me the way to the school. I eventually called home using a young Kurdish fellow, a high school student. Two of them were riding their bicycles and I asked them if they knew any pay phone in the neighbourhood and one of them lent me his mobile phone.
Anne was at the other side and I told her that I had been lost! He passed the phone to Pejman and he burst in to laughter and said that he would be there in 5 minutes.
(Photo: The neighbourhood is connected via paths like this one. There's no way that a newcomer could say a path from another one, especially at night!)

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