Tuesday, March 25, 2008

2007 Tax

I went to H & R today to file my 2007 income tax. There was a very old and fat guy who drove me really crazy. The more he was talking the angrier I got but couldn’t say a damn thing!
I got there first yesterday and he noted down my basic information and then today when I got there he opened another file because yesterday’s was missing! Then when he wanted to type something he was really struggling and sometimes squinting to find the key! Once he said: Six ... Where are you? ... There!
I barely listened to his explanation and just nodded! There were 4 tax associates, I believe, in there: Three old men, all in their sixties and after and one extra-heavy woman in her mid-thirties. I was thinking of complaining to the headquarters right after I finished but thought who would listen to me. Isn’t there any tax person who’s willing to work in a small town?
I filed my income tax through Quicktax last year and ’05 but am too mentally tired this year so I preferred going there.

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