Thursday, March 20, 2008

Trip Coverage, Story 6: Hamlet’s Castle in Holsinger

I woke up on Sun. of Jan.27 and I felt that I needed a little exercise after a few weeks of eating, sleeping and vacationing. I just had one day of gym in Koln. So I went for a little jugging. I went close to the station and came back. That was not easy. I remembered the days I used to go to the nearby gym at least 5 days a week in Calgary. Sweat old days! And me, the idiot, ruined everything and trapped myself in the hands of stupid A. J.! Fuck!
Anyways when I got back I noticed that Pejix and his family were waiting for me to join them for breakfast! I had a good breakfast and then I, Pejix and Anne drove to Holsinger, a city in north of Copenhagen, a coastal city where Kornborg Citadel or castle is located. Kornborg is one of few historic places which is registered within UNESCO and is located, where Hamlet story, by Shakespeare, took place. I wonder why a British playwright and poet should write the story of a Danish prince! I asked Anne but she had no idea!
So we spent an awful amount of time in there. We went room to room and story by story, learning so much about Danish Royal Family! That was a very nice time.
(Photo: Kornborg Citadel on the coast of Denmark just few miles from Sweden)

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