Friday, March 07, 2008

Trip coverage, Story 1: Excellent Travel Services of Bahn

As my computer was down during the time that I was in Denmark, I decide to publish the stories hereinafter, titled Trip Coverage and subtitled, obviously:

Story 1: Excellent Travel Services of Bahn

I woke up at about 07:30 and looked at my mobile phone and noticed the clock is still set back to PST! So if I have not been woken up by the unknown mysterious sense, I would have missed my train to Hamburg! I grabbed my baggage and left. Cyrus was up possibly just to make sure that I’m leaving! I rushed to the station and was taken to the Cologne Hbf (Central Station). I had quite enough time so first I went to Bahn office and get confirmed that the train will stop at the station Pejix asked me to get off. That’s just one stop before Copenhagen central. He notified me through e-mail yesterday.
Then I made a phone call to let him know that I will be where he wanted me to be. His wife picked up and I told her the story. Then there was a time for a quick breakfast and I got in and the train left at exactly 09:11. Travel services specially the ones which is provided by Bahn are excellent. I sat at a table and opened my notebook. You basically feel no boredom during the trip. You easily can plug your laptop or iPod in, if you have one or any other entertainment devices and make yourself entertained. No beverage or food is served but you can buy from snack service people. I had my salad and orange juice.
I was about to mess everything up at the end of the trip to Hamburg! I looked at the clock and it was almost 13:05 and I saw a Hamburg sign and thought we’re early, we’re there and got off. But I was not sure hundred percent so got in again and asked a woman if that was Hamburg. She said that was Hamburg suburb or Hamburg not Hamburg Hbf where I’m supposed to change my train to Copenhagen! Shit! I was about to have me lost! Then I noticed something else: I had forgotten a bag of souvenir and my runners! So I grabbed them and helped the lady to get her stuff out of the train.
Getting to platform 5b where I got in the train was the easiest thing. I wanted to get something to eat but the same scenario of Euro-Credit Card-Dollar prevented me. I wasn’t hungry though!
Train again started leaving the station at exactly 13:28. Not very long after we left Hamburg, I was able to see the sun after almost a week! I was enjoying the scenic road and making clips while had my earphones on and noticed someone is holding an I. D. card in front of my face! That was the green sign of German Police! He asked for my passport and I gave it to him. He, before that, told me that it would be nice over the bridge. He was talking about the bridge that connects the two sides. He asked a few simple questions and asked if I had anything to declare to German custom. The answer was obviously negative. Then he asked me if I had more than €10,000! I smiled and say no and he let me be after that.
Shortly after that we got in to a ferry. I didn’t notice at the beginning and then I saw the other passengers are packing! I didn’t know what was happening!
(Photo: I took this sunset snapshot, if I may call, while sailing to Danish coast onboard the ferry which was carrying the train. That was my first sea travel, not too long though! Only 45 min.)

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