Sunday, March 16, 2008

Trip Coverage, Story 5: Erotic Museum and The Royal Copenhagen

The first day in Copenhagen which I was on my own, Mon. Jan.21, I went to the tourist information today and told the lady over there that I wanted to see the aquarium beside the other attractions in the city centre. She told me that it’s a bit far from the most-seen parts of Copenhagen. It’s funny that I’ve living in B. C. for more than 8 months and never been to Vancouver Aquarium once and wanted to see the Copenhagen’s! So I decided not to go and spend most of my day around. The information lady gave me an illustrated map which spots important buildings of the city, shops, restaurants, attractions, museums, etc. What caught my eye was Erotic Museum in one of the walking streets in Downtown! Downtown in European cities, at least the two ones I spent more than a week in them, Cologne (Köln) and Copenhagen, doesn’t look like a typical Downtown in North America. In a city like Calgary or Toronto you see all the skyscrapers gathered in a few streets located in the centre of the city. You don’t see such a thing in Europe; you actually don’t see many high rises in the cities. European cities are mostly old but beautiful, attractive and historic but at times you see tall buildings, mostly luxury hotels or offices scattered all around the city.
Anyhow I followed the map and found myself in Erotic Museum. I paid 110 DKK as admission! Some $22 Canadian! I was the only one who was visiting the museum at the time! Honestly who the hell in Copenhagen, the city of most beautiful women, spend 110 DKK to see a few posters, sculptures and dildos?! I didn’t know what to expect but whatever was there was not much attractive. As I mentioned, it was all sexual biography of famous people, for instance Adolf Hitler, Carl Marx, world records, sex in nations’ history, photos, and history of pornography and so on. That might not sound so attractive to most of people but it’s OK to me. I once wanted to see the one in New York, now I’ve seen the Danish one first and may see the other one when I go to see Alfa this summer.
Then I was walking in that street till I got to Royal Copenhagen. This super luxury store is a direct seller of a very famous manufacturer of porcelain in Denmark with a great history. The prices are so high that I didn’t even buy the apron I wanted, the cheapest good in the store, probably for almost €25! A. J. had told me that I should do my shopping in Europe and he’s right in a way. But I was out of money! In fact I wanted to have some traveller’s cheque with me but stupid A. J. kept me at job until the morning I flew.
Where were we? I spent almost one hour in there. The main floor is store, so the basement is but in the basement a bit cheaper stuff are sold. The second floor is exhibition. There was a young lady who was doing hand painting. Unless most Danish women who are really pretty and indispensable(!) she was just below average. She told me that the training for this job takes some 4 and a half year! And honestly her work was excellent. Such an amazing work is also be done by Isfahani artists in Iran but no one pays such an extravagant amount of money for their art. The reason is art not admired as it should be Iran. The infrastructure of life is not based properly so not many people appreciate art, literature and so on.
I took a few photos, saw the other parts of the museum, talked to the other women and left the store eventually, without spending money.
(Photo: This single hand-painted plate is priced DKK 12000 which is almost $ 2400!)

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