Sunday, March 30, 2008

NHL in the Last Days of Regular

We’re goin’ to know the teams who’ll fight for ’07-’08 Stanley Cup soon. I didn’t spend time on NHL this in this season, mostly because I have Cable TV now and not stuck on CBC and its Hockey Night in Canada. I’m not saying it’s not good. It’s my favourite but I mostly watch comedies, especially Seinfeld. That’s my new discovery. Although the show is old, ended in 97 but still attracts audience.
Anyway there are a few teams in West fighting for Playoffs, as usual. Vancouver, who had a good start in the season, now is in the verge of losing the Playoffs. Good! I always hated Canucks especially that asshole, the fucking goalie. The stupid guy had a trip to Florida where his wife lives. The woman gave birth to their first child and he then flew to Minnesota to play against the Wild. That’s where they got fucked in right in the ass! They lost 0-4 to Minnesota and now are standing in 9th position in Western Conference. There are four games left to be played by them, 2 of them against Calgary including the last game of March, the 30th day of the month, in their home.
The other interesting thing is Todd Bertuzzi who punched Steve Moore in March of 2004 and broke his neck, which was an end to Moore’s NHL career, now blaming the former Canucks coach for his brutal act. He alleges that Crawford urged the players, including Todd, to beat the shit of Moore in revenge of what he had already done to the then captain, Jovanovski! Isn’t that absurd? You almost kill someone, make him paralyzed and hospitalized, push him toward early retirement and your only excuse is you just followed the orders of your coach?!
Anyways there’s not much doubt that neither Moore get anything nor Bertuzzi is innocent. The fact is violence is part of NHL and will be until the officials put a permanent end to it. It was just last week in Quebec Junior Hockey League where son of the hockey legend Patrick Roy got suspended for 7 games. Not to mention that his father received the same kind of punishment, longer or shorter for not be able to controlling his players! The young Roy punched the opponent’s goalie really bad after the two teams got into a brawl and then gave fingers to the crowd!
So I’ll wait to see what will happen and who makes to playoff, Edmonton or Vancouver?
(Photo: The former Colorado player, Moore in a press conference)

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