Monday, March 17, 2008

Flashback (15): Bear and Girl

As I mentioned before in earlier post I lived in the basement of a fucking Uzbek family, the guy who used to be a principal. I had a several problems with that family because they just did whatever they wanted but there’s no point to mention that time of turmoil here.
We had a very friendly relationship at the beginning but the more we went through, the more complex the situation was. I remember once the guy I call him here W. W. asked me to join him for an afternoon walk. His house is located in a nice neighbourhood by Fish Creek Provincial Park. So he ordered me to drive him to the park that day and I had to obey because after all he was my landlord and besides he was an elder friend whom must be respected and obeyed all the time, in their culture and ours, of course.
Anyhow I was driving down the road and passed a local pub. You know how local bars advertise: ¢10 wings, Happy hour, $1.5 jar of bear and so on. This pub has Bar and Grill written on the window which was read Bear and Girl by W. W.! I felt that he wanted to go to that bar to taste a Western evening and enjoy himself regardless the fact that he was a religious guy – moderate of course – married and has 5 boys!. But I disappointed him by continue on driving and not talking about that even once again.
Tensions gradually escalated which eventually ended to my occupation. What drove him crazy was me not visiting him in a hospital after a serious injury of him which made his right hand almost paralyzed. He got laid off of his job and I don’t think he is ever able to use his right hand again. They bothered me so much that when I heard what had happened to him, I was happy! He was in a physical pain severely and I added spiritual pain to that too. Suffer moron, suffer you piece of crap. You deserve it.


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