Friday, March 28, 2008

Trip Coverage, Story 7: The Queen's Palace and Sculpture Museum

This story covers what happens in a Tue. of last Jan., the 22nd day of that month. I didn’t know where to go in that day. Actually I wanted to go to some place (I can’t recall where at the moment) so I was just walking the street when I encountered a kind of old big building with sculptures all around it. I walked in and asked an old man what that building was. He told me that it was a sculpture museum. I got a ticket (for only 50 DKK as far as I remember) and got in. There were too many things to see, mostly sculptures and tombstones from ancient Greece, Roman Empire and Egypt. The museum was not too crowded just a bunch of school kids and a few old Danish couples and me! I spent a considerable amount of time in there until receiving a call from Pejman on Ane’s PDA which had been lent to me. He told me that he would take me to the Queen’s Palace. I was there in a few minutes right before the guard gets changed.
First of all, the streets ending to the square were blocked by police or politi as it’s said in Danish. A few of them were walking around and watching the tourists who surprisingly were not a few. I took out both my regular and digital camera and unluckily both of them got problem! My regular old Kyocera camera was kind of frozen! The shutter didn’t work! And the digital one was out of battery! I did take a few photos and a short clip of the Queen’s guard but then decided to leave the square because the ceremony was long and I didn’t see any reason to stay while I was not capable of doing photography. I walked away and bought 2 couples of Danish AA size battery for the camera and returned to the museum because my ticket was valid for the day. There are too many things to discover in there and I ran out of fuel soon. But it was a good experience studying Greek, Egyptian and Roman history.
(Photo: This is one the two favourite Egyptian gods of mine, Anubis or Jackal-headed god. People in ancient Egypt used to worship this god because they believe he had embalming powers. The other one is Amun who might be the topic of a post later, at least I hope. Egypt and his rich history has been always my interest, especially after I finished the book about the Egyptian physician when I was a 12th grader! The book is called The Egyptian and it's about a royal physician called Sinuheh. I read that a few more times and finally bought it. Egypt is where I'm planning to go with FF if everything goes well and she agrees. I took this photo in sculpture museum. The piece is obviously found in Egypt and has a long history of thousands of years hidden in it. I prefer that to any other photo taken there!)

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