Monday, March 24, 2008

Good Fri.

It was Good Fri., the last one. I never paid attention to the reason why they call a Fri. in March a Good Fri. This year I just found out. This is the day that Jesus was crucified! So that’s why it’s good! Probably because Jesus was crucified and returned to his father!
And if you think people are crazy in Iran lashing themselves on the back look at these ones! The funny thing is Filipinos, Koreans and South Americans, the people are not originally Christian are more Catholic than Pope! There was news of people in the Philippines or someplace like that where people were being crucified. The TV also showed half-naked young men with bloody backs, lashing themselves with bamboo sticks or something like that! So don’t worry about the jackasses who cut themselves, beat the shit of themselves with whips or lift heavy stuff just to show how mournful and sorry they are for the death or Mohammad’s grandson, Husain. Obviously you never see something like that in Canada, the States or European country. And today is Easter and I don’t know shit about it. But probably will find out but there’s something I know because that’s what I see and that’s snow! Yes! It’s snowing at the moment. It was raining in morning yesterday and was sunny at noon, cloudy in the afternoon and hailing in the evening! As it’s said in Calgary you can see all the seasons in just one day over day and here in Squamish the weather is not much different in March.
(Photo: This picture has nothing to do with Good Fri. I was just trying to get the frightened and cold but very beautiful Blue Jay who was jumping and flying around this morning in the yard)

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