Saturday, May 27, 2006

Aroused Emotionaly Not Physically

I was roaming around in downtown tonight (I mean Sat. night) and then parked for a short walk while it was raining. During the few seconds that I was waiting for the green light, a pretty, tall, Caucasian girl approached and this is what happened:

The girl (pointing at the other side of the street): " what is that red sign over there? "
As she was too close to my face and looked a little drunk I thought she's talking about the traffic light and replied: " That sign says you can't cross! "
The girl: " No! The red sign. "
Me: " Let's go there and see what it is " and grabbed her arm and we crossed the street. She didn't resist but was walking fast. So I said: " Don't rush. It's slippery "
The girl: " I'm an athlete "
Me: " What do you do? "
The girl: " Professionally Volleyball and Tennis "
As we were walking I noticed that I'm hard and there was a time, a second, that I was gonna kiss her on the face! Thank God I didn't 'cause I don't know what would happen!
We got closer and I read the sign for her: " Michigan Restaurant ... No Micheal's Restaurant! "
The girl: " No! That's not it " She then took her cellphone out and said: " 10th Ave. ... "
Me: " ... And what street? "
The girl: " ...This street ... 1st street "
Me: " Are you OK? "
The girl: " Yes "
Me: " Do you need a ride? "
The girl: " No! Thanks sweetheart "
And I left her while she was on the phone in the rain. That's what I am. And that's a problem. I can't go and grab a girl and start having sex with her like most of guys do. Even though I'm in real need of that. If I have a feeling toward her, even it's a little, I'm pushed. That makes life hard. You can't always find someone as eager as you and mostly a good relationship needs time.

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