Monday, May 15, 2006


I finally bought a used car last Sat. and registered and bought insurance for it today. It's parked by the house now. It all happened with the help of my great friend, Hojam. The car is a 1986 silver Chevrolet Caprice obviously by GM. Hojam told me about a website called and I found a few cars for me in there. I e-mailed two owners, a Mercedes and that Chevrolet. Just a few days before we go to see the car, Hojam called me and said he had received a message from Resurrect indicating that he would be here Fri.!! I didn't know I'm this much unlucky.
Anyhow I met them both in Marlborough Mall and we went to see the car somewhere in 20th Ave. NW. Hojam, as is an expert in cars, tested it and confirmed. We, then, set an appointment for around 02:30 PM at Hojam's place as I didn't have any cash or cheques on me. When I tried to get the money from an ATM, the answer was negative because the ATMs usually just provide $20 bills. Resurrect started a nasty dispute over that, using his anger and coarse language as usual! I simply said: That's non of your business which drove him really mad and asked Hojam to drive him home! We went home and saw that the guy and his gf are waiting for us with the car. Fortunately Hojam had that much money for the car in cash. We paid him and everybody was happy, except Resurrect of course!
I also drove it to gym today. The car is in good condition but needs a few work and cleaning.
By the way I have invented two more nicknames for the angry guy: Reza the Microbe (as he's so dirty), and Late Abdolreza (as he has changed his name from Abdolreza to Ray Abdolreza in his passport)!

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