Monday, May 22, 2006

The Code

I watched The Da Vinci Code (why it's written in its Italian syntax, I have no idea! because in Italian c is pronounced as ch in English) today and honestly didn't understand much. It's not because of the dialogues which is basically the movie is founded on. It's because I know nothing about Christianity and its history. The movie is banned by some Christians and even some Muslims support them and condemn the way Jesus is portrayed in the movie. The whole story started a while ago when the novel was released. And then the movie now.
Obviously it's a fiction. The movie is saying that Jesus was married to a lady called Maria Magdalena, one of his apostles and the actor and actress finally find out that the descendant of the actress goes to Jesus and she's his granddaughter! That's all the movie is about. It's all figured out after a series of investigation and travels in Europe. I might buy the book to understand the whole idea of the story. Of course after I finished the ones I've bought and not done with them or they haven't been started!
(Photo: Tom Hanks and the French actress, Audrey Tautou [Jesus's grand daughter!] in the last minutes of the movie)

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