Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Dead Wings!

I was very tired last night and there were two important games I wanted to watch: Detroit at Edmonton and Calgary at Anaheim. obviously the second one is much more important to me specially because I had a bet on the game with Lazlo. It was only $20 but that was what he accepted. I was talking about $100.
Anyhow I did a few things and was watched the singer sang both national anthem and I thought: I can't even sit on the chair! So I turned off the TV and did a few more things fast and then checked YAHOO Sports: Detroit was ahead of Edmonton 2-0 at the end of the second period! I told me: It's over. They'll be kicked out of the playoffs in a period. And went to bed. When I woke up I guess it was 10:30 PM or something and checked the result: The Red Wings are eliminated!! I couldn't believe that and was so happy! They lost 3-4 and got kicked out by the Oilers. But in the other game the Flames lost to the Ducks and everything will be clear tomorrow in Calgary. I won that $20 because I knew they are not as much good as the Ducks and would be very hard for them the beat them at their house. They did that once, though.
Today one Canadian team, Montreal, is eliminated by Carolina. They had a good start but finished badly! The Senators eliminated the last Stanley Cup champion at the other coast of the country last Sat. So one Canadian team is stopped and two other has advanced to the second round. Calgary's situation will be determined tomorrow.
(Photo: Crashed Detroit Red Wings after they were eliminated by the Oilers in Rexall Place, Edmonton)

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