Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Mid Western

I received an e-mail from a guy called Stephen (pronounced Steeven!) regarding a Quality Control Inspector that I applied in May.16. He's the plant manager of Mid Western Machine Works in Foothills Industrial Park, South east of Calgary. I called him today morning and the appointment was set at 10:00 AM. The mentioned industrial park is a very busy place, many companies and plants are located there and trains and trucks are continuously going and coming. I was there on time and Stephen, a P. Eng., showed me their small workshop. It's as big as, probably Sanay-e Gaz-e Iran plant, the company I used to go to for my training when I was in the school. The workshop basically comprises of a few big machines including CNC, lathe, mill and so on. He explained the processes and introduced customers and then we sat in his small office and he asked questions directly by looking at what I had claimed in my resume. I don't think he has any academic background and his P. Eng. licence must have been gained through his years of experience in manufacturing industry. He told me that the job is salary-paid and the problem with the previous guy who has left already is he didn't spent enough time in the plant. The work, as far as I learnt, is mostly measurement using calipers and micrometers and they work based on inch and feet measuring system not metric! That was one of my major concerns 'cause I had a little problem working with that measurement system back in SAIT days when I took Inspection and Gauging course. That's why I asked him and he cleared it for me right at the beginning. I didn't reveal my weakness, though. I have good resources and can get myself ready fast. He finally said that I would be notified by e-mail of phone call at the end of this week or early next week.

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