Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Junk Yard

I've done things in Canada that had never been imagined before my immigration and had never been done in my version 1.0 of life!
Today me and Hojam went to a junk yard to pick and pull a few parts for my Caprice. Junk yard is a huge place full of old and crashed cars but is very organized. You go in there and you need a box of tools (Hojam had one). The admission is only $1 and the time is unlimited. Cars are seen in rows and columns, separated based on make. We walked between the corpses(!) and finally found a Caprice but a little different from mine. That was Ok and Hojam started to take the windshield wipers off and then we got the other parts we needed. Hojam changed the broken wiper (The one at right side) and put the front hubcaps and we left the other things for a later time as they needed tools and longer struggle. Rear defog and central lock switches must be replaced. We'll get to that later.
(Photo: Pick N Pull where you find parts for your old or new car is located in east side of Calgary)

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