Sunday, May 21, 2006

Freaky Gauge

Hojam came over in the afternoon (I'm writing this while the time's passed 12:00 AM and is Sun.) for a chat and a movie. We watched The Driver. I picked the movie for him as I know he likes cars and driving. Then we take a look at the Chevy. We opened the hood and did a little cleaning and checks. He changed driver’s side wiper blade with the other side's as it is broken and had a look at the central lock switch, engine oil and air filter. Then we decided to go to junk yard next week and get a few things for the car. Here’s the list:

1- A pair of hubcaps for front tires.
2- Wiper blade.
3- Battery (I guess all batteries are 12 V. specially for a big car like this).
4- Central lock switch, driver’s side.
5- Sealing rubber ribbon for driver’s door.

Then after Hojam left I drove to Talisman for exercises and work out and something really funny and a little bit scary happened. I just exited Deerfoot Trail and as soon as I turned left to Heritage Meadows Drive I had a look at the fuel gauge and Oh my God! I’m out of gas! The needle was in the red zone not very far from the end! I was expecting the car to stop in a few meters but after that turn the needle went back to the blue zone! I was so scared. My guess is the gauge is kind of broken at the junctions when I turn or make a loop!
(Photo: I took this photo of the fuel gauge using P. M.'s digital camera while the car was parked)

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