Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Sharks Were Drawned in Oil

Hockey is really a complex sport specially for someone like me who is not patient enough to watch the whole game and listens to commentators and also is new to it. The commentators were discussing about the face-offs and what is the chance of a right-handed player against a left-handed one and I didn't get much! So what's I'm gonna do next time (prob. next season!) is being a good listener in addition to being a good audience.
Anyhow I missed most of the game tonight because I thought it starts at 08:00 PM while that was 08:00 ET! So I just watched the last period and missed the second goal of the Oilers too! I just went to the kitchen for something and Boom! They scored. Regardless of all that even the few minutes I watched were so exciting and worth watching. The Oilers never gave up and were fighting to the last min. They beat the Sharks 2-0 and advanced to western conference finals after 14 years! The first game will be in Anaheim this Fri. against the team who eliminated the Flames and Colorado and the second team was beaten really bad: 4-0!
(Photo: Dwayne Roloson who is seen here losing his helmet was tremendous tonight and was selected star number one of the game by Mastercard. He had 25 saves and his first shoot-out in the playoffs)

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