Monday, May 08, 2006

How Does a Stupid Scum Act?

There’s a motherfucker, moron, son of a bitch who reads my blog off and on and tries to be smart. Actually there're lots of them here but I always try to stay away from them.
That scumbag is so coward that doesn’t dare introduce himself. As I’ve noticed that he got interested in my posts but doesn’t have the balls to introduce himself (or may be herself) and always hides behind an Anonymous name, I would like to tell him something like the one I had for him regarding his last comment:

1- Yes. I didn’t know anything about hockey 5 years ago. I also didn’t know that your mother used to be a street whore and you were born in a barn beside bulls and cows and was grazed by them. And I didn’t know that you get fucked in the ass every night before you go to bed and I’m sorry that I can’t send my dog to fuck you in that hole as he doesn’t fuck animals like you.
2- I also didn’t know that you want to suck my dick and I have to disappoint you because I don’t want to be infected by all the mental and physical illnesses you have.
3- If you motherfucker, piece of crap, moron, stupid, son of a bitch don’t like what I write, then go and fuck yourself and your Mama ‘cause you don’t have to read what you don’t like.

This is the last time I reply to your bullshits and let you write something here, you scumbag. Got it?


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The Tough Guy said...

You must be fucking stupid or seriously ill!