Thursday, May 11, 2006

Flashback (8): Burglary

This short story goes back to the days I used to live in The Brave’s house. I’ve called him a few times lately but seems like he’s not back to the city. Here it is:
Once I got back home and noticed he’s not home but someone was in his bedroom which was being used as a small office by him, upstairs. There was a giant Caucasian man with a coverall on. I don’t remember exactly what I asked him as that’s a long time ago but he said something like he works for Shaw Cable and was there to fix the things. I guess I asked him to wait for the owner and he got disappeared immediately. When The Brave was home he said he had never asked anyone to come over to fix something! That guy must have been a burglar. The main door was not locked most of the time and anyone could go and come easily. I saved him a few hundred bucks that day.

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