Sunday, May 14, 2006

Cultural Discrepancies (4): Calmness

May be calmness is not related to culture but I guess the way people live and behave could be a factor here. People here are very calm. That’s a great thing in a society but yesterday there was news in Calgary Herald indicating that violence booming with economy. Solicitor General Harvey Cenaiko says Alberta’s growth may be part of the problem. I haven’t seen any violence in the public places and what’s mentioned is related to domestic violence. I give you an example. This is what I experienced yesterday:
I was in the Bay in my neighborhood yesterday afternoon and was looking around checking the merchandise and price tags. When you go to a big store like that and see all the nice cloths and everything, you’re tempted to buy something for you. But I resisted and didn’t! The reason I was there is I wanted to buy something for Mom as today is Mother’s Day and also Farzin. But didn’t. I’m goin’ to buy something today.
Anyway I was roaming around and noticed that two young Canadian handsome boys (I’m not gay!), definitely high school kids, are walking around fast and remove the cloths away form the models, revealing their tits! I couldn’t resist and I caught up with them and told the guy: You should see a psychologist! The guy replied back: Yes! I think I need that. I said: I had the same problem and it’s a bad habit. But I used to do that to real women! (I was just kidding!) he said: That’s why we’re in the mall!
If anything like that happens in Iran, there's no doubt that a fight breaks out immediately!
(Photo: Flag of Alberta one of the Prairie provinces of Canada)

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