Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Up and Down in The Game

After a disappointing second period, the Oilers tied the games at the end of the third period of the 3rd game against the Sharks in Edmonton. The 2nd goal of Edmonton was one of the most beautiful ones that I’ve ever seen. I did not watch the first period but the second one was just irritating and bothering and I kept telling me: Is that the team who eliminated the Red Wings?! They played so awful and Roloson was hundred percent faulty on the second goal. He didn’t even see the puck and seemed nervous all game long. Actually he was under so much pressure and I guess many other goalies would have had the same feeling.
Anyhow the game is going on now in the first OT and I feel sleepy and think better to hit the bed and find out what happens in the game tomorrow.

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