Thursday, May 25, 2006

Disappointing Game

I didn't watch none of the first three games of western conference finals between the Oilers and the Ducks but today I decided to watch game #4 as it could be the last game of the series. Edmonton won all three games and was just one win away from the finals but there were disappointing. Anaheim won the game 6-3 and that was the first win for them in last 7 years! I watched the first period completely and then the second period partially but couldn't handle the last one! The Ducks won the first period with a score of 3-0 and also outshooted Edmonton 25-3! I didn't have much hope for the Oilers to be able to beat the Ducks and that happened. Now they have to go all the way to Anaheim this Sat. And the Ducks are strong. They are not going to give up easily.
(Photo: Anaheim goalie, Giguere, came back to the rink today after a long time. He hasn't had played since the Ducks defeated the Flames)

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