Saturday, May 20, 2006

Fish Creek

I spent a few hours this morning in Fish Creek Provincial Park for walking and photography. It was nice and mild and mostly cloudy and not many people were seen around. Fish Creek is one of the largest parks in Calgary and you can see a wide range of wild life in it, if you look around carefully. There were still signs of last year's flood everywhere. It was not sunny enough for perfect photos but I took a few. I met a Canadian guy in, I'd say, his early 40s and we had a chat for a few min. When he learnt my nationality, he mentioned the new dress code which is believed is going to be confirmed by Iranian Parliament. The rule says that non-Muslims must be easily identifiable from Muslims by the way they dress! A colour ribbon must be worn by them! I guess the news has no reliability and that's the way they try to ruin Iran more and more but foreigner, I mean people in North America and Europe believe it easily and quick. The news firstly was posted by National Post but has been denied by Iranian officials all over, including the embassy. I know that's crazy but no matter what's said about Iran, people all here and in the US believe it. Iran is being compared with German Nazi back in 40s when Jews had to wear something (like a David Star) which made them identifiable easily from other people. Iran has done so much to the world in past 26 years that make him so vulnerable. Even people don't care about Iraqis invasion to Iran which led to an 8 year devastating war. Poor us!
(Photo: I took this photo from Fish Creek in a cloudy day and is not good but shows the natural beauty of the park. You also see the results of last year's flood)

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