Friday, July 28, 2006


I was shopping at a Safeway and when I got in line to check out, I noticed two young guys in front of me. First I thought they are kind of rednecks who hate everyone who’s not Caucasian. But then one of them let me go before him and I was surprised. His friend started a friendly talk with me and then I thought they might be gay and as it’s Fri. night they are looking for some fun!
Then the guy notified me that he sees an accent in my speaking and asks where I am from. I encouraged him to make a guess but he couldn’t tell. I explained Persian language to him and its root. I gave him, obviously, a short version. I shortly after found out that they are French and from Quebec. The other guy was barely able to speak English but the one whom I was talking to, was good. He said that he had found kind of accent similar to theirs in my voice. So simply they thought they had found a French guy and tried to be friendly! I've heard that French people of Canada are more friendly. The Brave indicated that. That was none of what I thought!
(Photo: The location of province of Quebec in Canada. This province, Ontario, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick established the confederation in 1867 which then known as country of Canada. But there's a strong willingness of separatism in the province now. They lost a referendum in 1995. That was a close loss. I might get to that later)

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