Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Alfa’s Back

I was checking my e-mails in a CPL branch last Sat. and noticed that Alfa’s back home. That was a bit sad because that’s a story of someone being defeated. But that, I guess, is his own fault partially. He was not able to write a simple letter and not able to talk fluently after more than 4 years living in the States.
Alfa received his Bachelor and Masters both from Polytechnic and then applied from different universities of the US for his Ph. D. Then he got there, to a university in Massachusetts but surprisingly and for unknown reason to me, he had to do another Masters instead! Then he worked for a company for a short time (I don’t know how long) and according to what he told me on the phone when called me a few months ago, he had a fight with his manager and had to quit! (Possibly got kicked out!)
When he called me he asked if he could stay with me for a short time so he can get back to the US after that, I agreed obviously although I was not in a situation to harbor anyone. His student visa was expired on the time of phone conversation and he owed quite a bit of money to credit companies. Now he’s back with no chance (may be a little is left) of coming to this side of the globe. One of the nicest and best friends I’ve had so far.
I re-discovered him just about 2 weeks before my immigration. It was right after I quit my job and just was about to fly out. He was unemployed and was studying English and investigating universities and visas. Even on that time I found out that his English was not good enough to impress employers or visa officers in the embassies. We used to go for jogging and exercises in early morning on that time. He was not feeling good, having breathing problem and was overweight. But that was all good time because I was with a real friend. What a pity. I feel really bad at the moment.

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