Sunday, July 30, 2006

An Inconvenient Truth

This summer has been a very crazy one so far! We see a storm every 3 or 4 days here. Wind is howling now and sliding windows are rocking. So do trees. You’ll be in trouble if you go outside for jugging or cycling. The temperature went up to more than 39˚ C in parts of B. C. few days ago! Calgary felt 30˚ C at the most but the worst things are the thunder and hail storms.

I have a weather forecast center warning system installed in my computer which is connected to Environment Canada through Internet and gives you everything like temperature, wind speed, dew point, pressure, humidity and so on. It’s called CFCN @ Work, provided by CFCN network. When there’s a weather warning, a window pops up and shows you a map of province of Alberta with the effected areas distinguished by current metrological warning. Then another window (this one is like a menu bar) appears and gives you the detail name of the towns and cities which the warning apply to them.
It’s a very good device but sometimes very annoying. Imagine you’re reading, writing or doing anything on your machine and the said window pops up almost every 2 minutes! There’s nothing you can do but watching the warning and then close it. The only other way is uninstalling it! When there’s a storm passing by the province, the intelligent system follows it step by step in advance and warns you in every minute! I remember last week I was at the desk and the warning was hitting me continuously! That felt like a stab! I don’t remember any summer like this. But fortunately it hasn’t been hot lately here in Calgary. It’s only 15˚ C now.
It’s said that the dramatic climate change in earth is an outcome of global warming.
Al Gore the former vice president of the US has recently made a documentary called An Inconvenient Truth. It’s about what the human kind has done to the earth so far which led us to the current weather situation we face today. I haven’t seen the movie but I guess he’s won a few awards for that. The movie wasn’t shown publicly in many theatres like an ordinary one. He said he's not running for '08 presidency but supporters hope he does.
(Photo: Al Gore the 45th U. S. Vice President in a scene of his documentary, An inconvenient Truth)

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