Sunday, July 02, 2006


My moving story takes a whole lot of time to be narrated. And it's quite an interesting one as well, like most of the things happen to me! I'm writing this from Keiv's desktop at his condo apartment which has been bought a few weeks ago for almost $270,000. House prices has jumped up recently in Calgary as a result of booming economy of province of Alberta. Keiv's is a two bedroom, two bedroom in a condo complex. It has a large bedroom with a built-in bathroom and one small bedroom. You could buy this for $150,000 almost a year ago!
I'm not connected at home now and have to find a good deal. keiv got a nice HP desktop with an amazing flat thin monitor. This is what happened:
I directly went to Okotoks after I finished work to borrow Ali G.’s truck. He was not home when I got there and found out that he’s at the golf course practicing! I went there and waited for almost half an hour for him to finish the balls, unwillingly! Then we went back to the house and he prepared a false selling contract, we signed it and after having my number plate I drove away to fill it up. I bought a few dollars gas and inflated the tire and was ready to drive home but noticed that the gauge hasn’t moved, even an epsilon! I thought this freaky gauge is as strange as mine and called him immediately to find out what’s wrong. He explained that the truck, an old Ford F-150, got two fuel tanks, front and rear. There’s a problem with the rear one and that was the one which had been filled up by me! I didn’t have any other choice, I drove to his house, lifted him and we both went to the gas bar and this time I bought gasoline for the front tank!
Then I drove all the way to Downtown Calgary to pick up HY. but as I didn’t know his exact address I went to 15 Ave. parked somewhere and called him. He didn’t answer and I was going to get to somewhere and this time the damn truck didn’t start! I didn’t know what to do! I called Ali G. and he didn’t know anything as well but the charger which I explained to him that I left it at home. I got back to the truck and tried again and this time: Boom! It started. I called HY. again and found him but when I shut off the engine to go to his apartment I didn’t know that the same problem would happen: The damn truck didn’t start again. Then I asked HY. to ask for help from his neighbors. We went upstairs and talked to a black guy probably from Sudan. HY, surprisingly started talking to him in Arabic! When I asked him when he learnt to speak that language he said that the guys of Bandar-e-Abbas who frequently travel to U. A. E. speak this language very well. I have to tell HY’s story once while I don’t know much about him. He’s been living away for more than 20 years as he said once. He’s a slow but nice and kind guy.
Anyhow the Sudanese guy helped us to ignite the damn engine again, using his booster cables. We rushed back to the house and loaded it but when we were done and ready to jump, again the truck didn’t start. Ali G. showed up with battery charger this time after a few calls we exchanged. He started the truck easily and shut it off and left. When we were ready to leave, we faced the same problem again! That was unbelievable! We plugged the charger in and connected it to the battery but even that one didn’t help. That was because we thought may be the charger is out of power but that was not it. We waited until 11:45 PM and that was the moment that Ali G. was about to come again and drive us to a C-Train station or somewhere so we can go home and sleep. I was on the phone while HY. got in and started: Boom! The truck started at the first time. HY. said that I didn’t turn the key all the way and didn’t push the accelerator enough! I, then, noticed that he was right. That was my own fault all the time but I didn’t say anything about that to neither Ali G. nor HY!

Sat. (Canada Day) :

I loaded the truck all by myself and then called Keiv to meet me somewhere close to the apartment. He helped me to unload the truck and then I requested him to live. He didn’t seem much happy because it takes almost 45 min. may be more to get to my place and the same amount of time to get back and that was all for a 20-25 min. help! Then when I got back Hojam, Bahram and his son were there according to our appointment and they helped me to pick the last load and the unload it.
The landlord was so mad by the time we finished our job there. He asked me to do the cleaning and install the buzzer that I took out before I go. I really don’t wanna write about that idiot but mentioning that I cleaned everything perfectly and installed the buzzer aftermath.
It was very late when I got home and as I had planned I decided to go and watch firework as that was the only thing I could do in the 139th birthday of Canada! When I got to Spiller Road, God! There were so many vehicles parked that I couldn’t believe my eyes. That’s a road which barely someone takes or park in but people all gathered to see Canada Day’s firework at Stampede Park. I had to make a loop around and get back to the same place. Police were present everywhere directing people and vehicles. I went up the hill of graves in Union Cemetery and there was nobody there but damn mosquito! They bit me all over my arms! I didn’t have a view as good as the one the people down there had but I had a good view of Downtown and Calgary Tower which could be seen from there with blazes over it. The firework started at 10:40 PM (which has been scheduled for 10:30 PM) and ended at about 10:54 PM and was very nice. I have never had so close but thought that would be much better if I was free tonight and would have been there earlier. I took several photos with my own camera and have to wait and see how they are. I had P. M.’s digital camera but that is just a piece of junk in such circumstances.


kujiiiro said...

Hello tough guy, I wish I'd have known your real name but I am ok with the tough guy. I read your weblog every day and you really write it beautiful. Keep up the good work!

The Tough Guy said...


I'm glad that you like the blog. Write me off and on and say what you think about the daily life and things I face.