Sunday, July 30, 2006

How Beautiful Your Life Could Go?

I didn’t go to my regular exercises today and just came back from D. H.’s. You listen to this ‘cause that might sound interesting to you:
I’ve already written about my first friend and also landlord, the Bangladeshi guy, D. H. but the D. H. I met today is different from the guy he used to be. If you consider his feature and look and the way his house is arranged, he’s still the same guy: stuff all over the place, unwashed dishes in the sink, dirty floor and so on. Regardless of all that fact he’s the same generous and nice guy he used to be. He was nice and generous even when he was totally broke and lived based on his few tenants’ rent. But the guy is rich now. He’s sold his property back home and is involved in car dealership and property business now. He told me that he’d been to Japan 4 times so far. He goes there to buy used cars and import them to Canada. He’s not allowed to import less then 15-year-old cars but he says BMW and Mercedes cars with less than 60 K on them will make good money here. What sounded huge to me is he showed me the paper of a property he’s planning to buy and that piece of land worth about $900,000! The land with a huge 5-bedroom, 4-bathroom bungalow and two big sheds (Or may be barns) is located just a few min. drive from High River. So he got lots of money now.
Not very surprisingly there’s a sweet Chinese girl living with him now. She takes care of the kids and of course he and life is beautiful! The girl, I can’t tell, may be is not more than 25 while D. H. has passed his 40! I don’t know how he gets these women but it’s not unexpected. Although he’s a rich guy now but he simply used to do that even when he was suffering from poverty. Some men are like that: As they can’t live without women, they have the power and ability to attract and keep them. Some men are stupid and incompetence in that regard, like me! They are able to attract women but lose them easily ‘cause they think there would be always another one! And that’s silly.

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