Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Stampede 2006

Sat. (July.08.06):
As I missed Fri.’s Parade, I decided to go to Stampede today. So when P. M. called in the morning, I made an appointment and we met somewhere in Downtown after I was done with my exercises in Talisman.
But before I get to this year’s Stampede’s story, I’d like to write a bit about my car. I was so depressed over having my car broken and my Fri. was completely ruined. I was waiting for the mechanic’s call and after one attempt, he finally called me at about 01:00 PM and asked me to be there before 14:00! I rushed to Chinook C-train Station and pushed myself in one of the cars. The train was full of Stampede fans! When I got there the guy charged me $206! A $110 for the starter and a $85 for labour! Can you believe that? But I didn't have a choice. The car now starts in a blink of an eye and I was handed in a certificate for that starter which guarantees its life for a full year or 20,000 KM.
This year’s Stampede is much more crowded than the previous years that I’ve been to. I missed the last year but was in with Mom in 2004 and she liked it very much. But that was not like this. There were so many pretty girls with Cowboy hats, mini-shorts or mini-skirts and boots that you didn’t know where to look at! We decided to get in to Nashville North, an indoor stage where beer is served and live music is performed but there was an unbelievable huge line. It probably took us more than an hour to get in. So we skip that and went to Indian Village when aboriginal people teepees’ are located and their beautiful and unbeatable dance is performed. But we were late as the dance begins at 01:00 and 07:00 PM. We then went for a supper. P. M. decided to have some steak and we had some very tasty one at The Flat Iron Steak for, I’d say a fair price. We only ordered one and we shared that and that was good enough for two because beans and potatoes are served with that as side orders. I liked the beans but not the potatoes though. We also watched the firework which was good and we took a few photos. We also tried to play some of the numerous games which are usu. presented in Stampede. I tried a few shots of basketball but I missed. There were a 3 shot for 5 bucks and 1 shot for $2. I tried both and got nothing! The basket was placed so high and far, I guess. It was so hard to reach. I saw later that two black guys missed it as well! Then there was a guy who guessed your age, height or weight. If you lost, you’d get nothing but if the guy looses by 2 (for example 2 pounds for weight) you’ll win. I played that one and the guy guessed me lb 201 while I was lb 197 and I won! I took a nice husky doll. But the point here is no matter you win or loose, you’re a looser because you’ve already paid $5 to play and that doll doesn’t cost the guy more than $1, I guess! But because that’s the game which you use the least effort, many people play that and that makes lots of money for the guy. There were an Asian mom and her daughter and they played for mom’s age and they lost! The guy was just right and the girl was so surprised!
We headed out at about 12:15 I guess leaving all pretty and sexy gals behind. But for unknown reason a girl who was coming from the opposite direction said “Bye Sexy!” to me while was passing by! The Erlton-Stampede C-train Station was so full of the people who where waiting for a ride and fortunately I didn’t have to take that. We walked to 15th Ave. and 1st St. where P. M.’s parents were waiting. They gave me a lift to 5th St. and I walked to my car from there.
(Photo: Drummers in Indian Village of Stampede Park are performing one the incredible and exciting performances. Every different dance has it's own pace of drumstick and yelling)

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