Saturday, July 15, 2006

The Licence

I went to Stampede today for the second time this year. This time just by myself. P. M.'s gone to Edmonton with his family to see her sister as it's her birthday one of these days. Ali G.'s mom has come over from B. C. and he's busy with her and the other friends are just as useless as a Picasso painting! (Believe it or not I just made that one up! Not bad. Yeah?)
It was not very busy as I expected to be. May be because I got there around 12:00 and that might consider early for people who spend their time out usually until 02:00 AM!
I parked in Spiller Road and went up the hills of Union Cemetery to see whether or not I have a good view of Stampede Park for some photos. I only took one from Downtown and went down to 25 Ave. That was a good spot with great eye on Stampede Park, Saddledome and chuckwagon race track (If I can say!) but the seats were all empty. I later found out that races and rodeo usually begins in the afternoon.
Then I went to a Canadian Forces recruiting centre in front of Saddledome where they demonstrate a plane, a tank, an armoured vehicle and a chopper and talked to a guy about the recruiting steps. I already knew the basics of what they need but wanted to talk to the guy to see what he says. The important part is if you have a degree and that degree is recognized in Alberta, you'll be an officer. A higher rank, a better salary and of course easier job. Like everywhere else. The problem though is I faxed the application form to write the exam. to those sons of bitches two weeks ago and even started studying but they didn't reply me. Then I e-mailed the fucking exam. coordinator, a gook, probably a fucking Vietnamese, one out of a million who might ever able to get an office job like that, but that useless piece of crap didn't answer too. So what I'll do this week is I call them to ask what the hell is wrong.
I wrote the exam two years ago in Nov. of 2004 and I received a 60-65% score. I was happy at first, assuming 50 per cent is the passing score but soon was notified that 65% is what I should have gotten. The exam result says that I got 60-65% but not 65% and I failed! So I have to write it again. But why don't I get a reply from them? They might have a black list! That's what I'm going to find out next week.
Rather than that I need another licence, probably a more important one and that's citizenship. I passed the test in Feb.07 and haven't been invited to Oath yet. I called CIC once and a lady told me if I wouldn't received the invitation letter by Aug., I should have given them a call so they would inform Calgary centre of the delay! That's pretty stupid. But listen to this: I called another time and I was told that I should attend interviews and pass other steps as well! Which is not what's mentioned in CIC guide to citizenship. So citizenship is another challenge.
But what I spent that $12 for to go to Stampede again was not the recruiting centre of Canadian Forces. I paid that admission fee to see the amazing and incredible dance of First Nation or aboriginal people of Canada. I went to Indian Village and they started at about 01:15 AM and that was so beautiful. The very difficult and exciting loop dance then was performed by a young aboriginal and unfortunately I ran out of my roll! Regardless of the fact that I don't have a video camera. After that I just spent a few min. and then headed home while I got an stamp for re-entry.
I return to the Park at about 11:00 PM again and that was after doing a few things at home, exercises at Talisman and grocery shopping. And the only reason I got back, this time, was to have my dinner at that amazing Flat Iron Steak. This time the girl asked me how I would like my steak and I asked how they usu. make it ready and she said medium and that was great with the sauce and beans. Nashville North indoor stage was as busy as usu. and Country music performers were entertaining Cowboys and Cowgirls and others as well. I didn't want to stay in the line to get in so I just watched fireworks and left the Park for home.
(Photo: The very tasty Flat Iron Steak which is served with fries, beans and garlic toast. You never want to stop eating that)

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