Friday, July 07, 2006

Elderly People

I usually see very old people who follow their routines like younger ones here. They drive, do shopping, go to the restaurants and other public places and simply put, they live their life. But at times it’s drastically harmful to me to see an old lady is challenging to get a pack of pope out of the shelf or taking his bag of grocery to his vehicle. Elderly people even have their own residential properties. I don’t think they feel really happy in there but that’s how they live and that’s how their parents and ancestor used to live. Children barely visit their parents after they leave home unless it’s Christmas, New Year or any other occasion like that. But honestly people age here later than people in Asia, Africa or Latin America. I guess it’s all about the style of life. I may get to that later.
Today (Thu. It's after midnight now!) I was to Chinook Mall to do a little shopping for my new damn ugly rented apartment and noticed an old lady stepped out of Shopper's Drug Mart with a few bags. She was really old and I can’t even tell how old she was but probably in her late 60s. As soon as I saw her I said: “Do you need a hand with that, Ma’am?” and I grabbed the three bags of her. She thanked and said that she was not feeling good and just had her prescription from the Mart. I followed her to her Trucker, she opened the lid and I put the bags in. She was very happy and thanked me again and extended her arm toward me. We shocked hand and I left while I felt terribly bad and I still have the same feeling. The poor old lady was suffering form the heat and probably not taking her medication and there was no one to help her.

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