Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Damn Old Car!

As I'm back on track I'd like to say what happened to me in last weekend which had been planned one month earlier and was partly ruined!
Fri. (July.07.06):
I had planned to watch Stampede Parade this year, almost 6 months ago but I went to gym the night before and when I woke up in the morning I felt so exhausted to go all the way to Downtown, Fri. morning. Then I decided to go a CPL branch to get connected and see what’s happening. I was at 17th and 5th St., where there’s a Shell gas station and after I paid for the gasoline I bought, the damn car didn’t start! 17th Ave. was very busy, full of girls and guys with Cowboy hats and jeans and boots hanging around in the bar or just walking. I asked a Canadian guy to give me a boost and God! some of these guys are so amazing and helpful and it’s kind of surprising in the city called Redneck City and in Stampede time! But the guy parked his giant truck beside my car and we borrowed another guy’s booster cable and tried to start the damn engine but it didn’t. The guy, who lent me the cable, gave me the address of a repair shop. So I talked to the guy in the small store of Shell and they, again, surprisingly let me to leave the car there, while indeed the car blocked their driveway.
I walked to 12th and 12th and talked to the guys and they told me that I had to get the car towed to their repair shop. I tried a few numbers in the Yellow Pages and finally one of them said that he would be there in about an hour. When I got to the gas station again and was buying a bottle of water (You even have to pay for the water here!) I saw the towing guy: A young Canadian fellow with a big black Cowboy hat but very warm and friendly. He asked me to try to start again and when I did, he said that he thought it was the starter. Then he asked me to keep turning the key while he was hitting the starter with a long metal rode. He said it usu. helps. And that’s what I’m saying: The guy didn’t have to try that. He could simply towed my vehicle to the repair shop and left for another customer but spent a few min. of his time to get the car fixed right there. Anyhow he towed my Caprice to the shop while were continuously receiving call! God! what a business! And guess what? He charged me about $86!

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