Saturday, July 22, 2006

Ralph in Calgary?!

I went to the ESSO snack shop nearby to buy newspaper in the morning and someone got my attention, getting in: The man looks like Ralph Klein, premier of Alberta. But that's not him. Here? in Calgary? alone? having casual cloths on? Driving on old ordinary car which everyone affords? Buying things from a snack shop? With no gurad or companion?

But that was him! When he was started talking to the clerks, I recognized his voice which I've listened to it from the media several times. Even the storekeepers were surprised. I asked them if he lives here in Calgary and they affirmed. But how does he do his duties? His office must be in Edmonton. Just doesn't make sence. I wish I could talk to him. Even if that was a short simple question. He looks an interesting guy to me. He's planned to be retired soon under the pressure of the opposition and that would be prob. in late '07. Budget surplus as the rising price of oil made his government to send a $400 cheque to every eligible Albertan in 2005, which I wrote about earlier and it's said that there could be another one in the coming Sep.
I wonder what the government does in Iran with all the extra money they've recently earned as the high price of oil. They prob. have been turned to Hezbollah missiles or something like that as well as more money in officails' bank account in Switzerland or any other paradise they have booked for themselves! ... I'm goin' too far!
(Photo: This cartoon depicts Ralph Klein, the premier of Alberta as a rich cowboy who doesn't know what to do with all the money. But what's behind that election idea, I've no clue. Any opinion?)

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