Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Three Essentials

I just reconnected to Internet a few min. ago. This service is provided by Shaw. So far so good. It was really hard living with no connection. I went to CPL two times but there's no privacy in there. People are like students at the bench in a classroom. I need Internet for online banking, writing to friends, reading my favorite news, job searching, purchasing and many more. And obviously you can't do them all in a lib. Not because of lack of privacy but your time is limited there (you get only 1 hour a day) the system is slow, etc.
I believe that there are three essentials here that life without them will be a misery: A reliable car, a mobile phone with considerable air time and a fast bug-free Internet service. Even a house is not as important as the said ones. You can rent a nice place. But wait a sec. I forgot something! May be I should say the four vitals! The forth is a good partner! Am I right? No priority is assumed for the first three ones.

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