Friday, July 21, 2006

The Initial Outcomes

The recent conflict between Israel and Lebanon (actually Hezbollah of Lebanon) has brought many concerns round the world. First of all Israeli officials say this is a whole show to deflect world's attention from Iran's nuclear plan. Secondly a big concern for Lebanese-Canadians who criticize the Government for not only the late response to the disaster, but also for supporting Israel in what's being done to Lebanon by them.
The point here is no mater how long people live in here, they still belong themselves to where they were born, mostly. You find rarely who's not thinking of his origin unless he or she is born here and that's a different story. But it's different in Arabs. Once I was told by a close friend of a Lebanese Arab that their kids are sent back home shortly after they are born here (or in any other country than their ancestors') and are able to travel that far. And it's done just to keep them in the environment and society with all Arab culture. I'd never do that to my kids. No one from any other ethnicity has never done that.
Meanwhile the relationship between Arab community of Canada and Harper's Conservative government is hurt badly after Canadian officials' reactions.
There are, though people who barely think of their homeland or have any interest in it. Ali G. could be among the people that, I believe, would never be gone there. I, myself, if I find the career I've been looking for, may not go there in next 10 years but still follow the news and will be in touch with family, of course, relatives and friends. But that's way too far from Ali G.'s attitude.
But back to Iran's problem with blames on its nuclear plan and support for Hezbollah, I think it's absurd. I never liked Iranian government and any official and never voted in Islamic Republic era but supporting people who are considered your friends or allies or sending your troops to part of the world because you want to back up your friends is purely reasonable. Didn't the US do that during Vietnam War? Didn't the US send its troops to Korean peninsula in 1950? So why not Islamic Republic? Every country does that for a reason. Canadians are in Afghanistan not because they like Afghans. That's because they have to make Americans happy. Otherwise they would have many issues with their neighbor and their most important trader. General H. Norman Schwarzkopf in his book It Doesn't Take A Hero points to this fact, several times, that Americans mostly disliked Vietnamese. They didn't even let them in their officers' clubs they had in Saigon! They were only there for a political reason and clearly not because they liked to protect gooks from the Soviets!
(Photo: The fanatic poster which shows Americans' interest in giving a good piece of advise to Iran but I don't believe they would. They have learnt lessons from Iraq and Afghanistan and also don't have enough support for such an act. Besides there's always something behind the close doors. Like something I just explained earlier in a post titled: A joke called democracy)

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