Wednesday, August 30, 2006


CFIA is responsible for safety of food in Canada. But what I’ve seen so far in them is really disappointing! I guess here in Canada we probably each more shit compare to what we used to, back to the country I was born in, most of the time! People had told me that the CFIA inspectors I used to see back in the company I used to work for, had been simply chosen from the regular labourers of the plant or other jobs with no educational background! I remember once someone pointed at one of them and said that she used to work as a security guard for the plant! They undoubtedly hired her because no educated person is goin’ to work in a shity place like that and also because she was Caucasian! That’s why we’ve faced major problems in beef industry in last few years. The industry solely lost almost $2 billion in last case of mad caw disease. I have already written about that. Those idiots test only 1 out of 3000 cows! God knows how these shit, we eat every day, will affect our future life or decrease our life expectancy! But it’s not that there’s no legislature, bylaw or whatever you call. It’s just they are not tough enough on it, I believe. Yesterday I learnt something very interesting from my new colleague. As I work for maintenance department, I was told that CFIA audits maintenance department regularly to make sure that machines and apparatuses are being used in production area, don’t cause any cross-contamination. For example if there’s a rust, leak, damage or anything else like that, first CFIA inspector notifies the floor supervisor or whoever is in charge and then in his office audit, he checks the documents and schedules, preventive maintenance requests and so on to make sure the said non-conformity is being corrected. Follow up actions are taken to make sure that the non-conformity finally is removed completely and a preventive action is in place in case of need. As you see the regulation is there and is very well defined and established but is that really in effect? I don’t believe so. Let me give you another example: There’s an Afghan guy whom have been known by me more than 3 years and a half. That bastard used to live in former Soviet Union for years but he’s still the same asshole Afghan guy like all of them! I mean he’s a good guy in a way but what the fuck do you really expect from an uneducated Afghan guy who used to be a shepherd until age of 18, then was called to join Afghan Army and fought against motherfucker animals worse than him (!), the Mujaheddin or holy warriors (Amazingly supported and supplied by Americans!) and then was sent to former Soviet Union, out of pure luck, to study history?! Gholam, now a married guy with a recently born son, (He’s got married to a very pretty Afghan girl! But a moron like him, obviously) used to work for a Chicago Deep Dish Pizza for a while. You have no idea how filthy that pizza shop was! Just imagine that once I was in the kitchen where the dough is made, and I saw kind of a water pipe in the middle of the room! And also try to picture a pizza shop which is ran by a Pakistani guy, considering there’s no creature filthier and dirtier than a Pakistani in the whole galaxy, and the pizzas made by an former Afghan shepherd/soldier! who’s gonna eat that shit? Many people! That’s actually a very good business here in Canada and I've already mentioned that. So where in the hell is the fucking CFIA? Probably having affair behind the close doors!
(Photo: T-bone steak is prob. the most delicious red meat you get in the whole world and the best comes from Alberta but the industry suffered a lot in last few years. Who should be taken accountable for that?)

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