Wednesday, November 11, 2015

A Celebration by Asshole Hypocrites

I always have been of the opinion that one of the worst human beings, if you can call it(!) a human being would be a hypocrite and there are plenty of them around. This recent rejection of Keystone XL Pipeline project is a good example how big of hypocrite the US government is. Adding this to their other attribute, being assholes, make them greater than ever! It could be a response to election of J. Trudeau to the Prime Minister as The Liberals had always their differences with the Americans. Or it could be a proof that they are simply hypocrites! 
The US always condemns Iran for aiding Hezbollah in Lebanon since they fight against Israel. For years and years the Americans supported, funded and aided the so-called Mujaheddin in Afghanistan in their ridiculous war against the Soviets, the very same people who majority of them turned later Taliban and similar. That support of Iran is wrong but support of the Americans is or better to say, was fine because now Afghanistan has been turned to a rubble! For years and years Americans aided the South Vietnamese and eventually sent soldiers there. That support was wrong but sending Russian troops to Syria is wrong simply because they are guarding the regime that the US does not favour! A referendum in Crimea which resulted in being part of Russian Federation was considered illegal and unacceptable but the same referendum in a small area called Kosovo which resulted in separation from Serbia is considered a democratic act and legal! 
So this is what Americans are, well not all of them of course. Only their government! In the past few years they were concerned about the environmental impacts of Keystone XL Pipeline project and denied that for different reasons while themselves are responsible for many environmentally damaging acts that if someone wanted to count, would not end soon! Just as an example recycling programs which are very normal and common across Canada, do not simply exist in the US! Beverage bottles, cans, jars and cartons is one of them. I heard that in Las Vegas which could be considered one of the most beverage consuming cities of America there is no recycling program in place. The Lady traveled to Chicago to visit her siblings a few months back and in their she had been told that they did not have any recycling system in place for beverage containers! The US is probably one of the biggest consumers of gasoline with so many SUVs and trucks running here and there every day, not to mention thousands of flights from this corner of the country to the other corner and what has been done to reduce the environmental affects of billions of liters of gasoline consumed every months? Perhaps very little and now they are concerned about a pipeline which is taking crude from Alberta to Gulf of Mexico! I'm not a big fan of the pipeline or for it in a way that I would devote myself to it but I simply dislike hypocrites who happen to be assholes as well! 
(Photo: A gathering of assholes possibly people have nothing to do(!), in front of White House to thank Obama for rejecting the Keystone XL Pipeline project. I remember seeing same kind of smile on a monkey face after it was given a banana which had been taken form a chimpanzee!)

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