Monday, November 23, 2015

Fitbit Flex not for Biking

The Chef called me this morning and said that needed my help. I didn't want to drive so I got on the train and headed NE. He only wanted me to buy a few things for him. On the way back I decided to ride his bike back as I consider it a good exercise. Since I had talked to him earlier, he agreed and I got on the bike and headed back south. Although I had not ridden a bike for a long time and I didn't have comfortable outfit, I was OK. The challenge was where I had to first cross Deerfoot Tr. and then Bow River! I got myself on a pathway parallel to both and then used an underpass to go to the west side of Deerfoot. It took me a while until I realized I had made a mistake! The pathway would run parallel to Deerfoot to reach Peigan Tr.! I noticed instead of closing to Downtown, I was departing from it, going south! Ithen turned back and went all the way to 17th Ave. SW and continued toward west. There I realized it would have been much easier, had I taken that route earlier. I cross both Deerfoot Tr. and Bow River and passed Fort Calgary and got myself to Downtown. By the time I reached home it was 16:52 and considering I had left The Chef's place in NE at 14:25, I had been on the road for almost 02:30 h., pedaling! This is considered a good exercise because according to the map it's some 22 Km ride and considering the part that I went and returned, I guess I traveled at least 25 km but this stupid Fitbit Flex doesn't show it was my daily exercise! When I checked the website for this information I read that only Fitbit Surge is designed to calculate the energy spend and the distance traveled in a bike trip. Fitbit Flex is basically useless. So today while I could be on the top of my group, I remained as the 9th! Does that make me change my Fitbit tracker? Not now! Maybe not even later although I liked biking after this long time. 
(Photo: The pathway parallel to Deerfoot Tr. looking south. Deerfoot Tr. is on my right. This reminded me of the time I used to live with Microbe in the nearby neighbourhood)

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