Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Stupid Complaint by Stupid Person

There this news yesterday that a waitress who works for Bier Market was unhappy with the uniform she had to wear and went public about it!!! This stupid low-life was probably is frustrated with something else and now is trying to vent off and get others attention so others say what a brave girl! If she has no talent and brain, at least she is brave and stands up for her rights! According to this moron the uniform is too short and sleeveless! One of the stupidest complaint that I've ever heard in Canada. In this country the majority of women use every possible opportunity to show their body! In summer sometimes you feel you should not go to public, crowded places! Girls mostly are in shorts and sleeveless T-shirts and flip-flops! Even in winter they mostly wear Yoga pants and similar outfits that shows their butts and thighs! Why all of a sudden a bar girl complains about her uniform?! 
There's no doubt that the bar has this idea of attracting more customers but isn't this the whole idea of going to a bar in Western culture?! You go for a drink or two and you meet people. relationships, many of them, start from bars and other social drinking places. Some end the next morning, some in a few months or year. It's for bar girls and patron. So you stupid, you think you've accomplished something significant in your life when they showed you on TV?! You know go to your boyfriend and watch that clip on The National together a few times and feel proud that you have defeated a big business?! Is that what it is moron?! Well you defeated nothing. You just contradicted yourself and opposed to the very basics of your own culture! And don't give me that cliche crap of violation of human rights and such. It has nothing to do with that. Your rights basically is violated when you come to this world because you're a slave to Capitalism. They give you a little room to maneuver and clip to be shown on TV but they eventually own you and move you the way they want but let me stop right here because I bet you wouldn't understand. Go back to your job! 
(Photo: This stand taken probably from the clip shown on national TV shows the hero of human rights in Canada and the only functioning brain in law business at left!)

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The Tough Guy said...

Ha ha! Some silly idiots still at times sneak in! Go to your local and drink yourself to death! Oh I forgot don't forget to smoke your daily dose of weed and walk your dog! Of course you have to pick up its poop too! I bet you love it! Silly moron!